» Why should I hire a wedding planner?
Planning an entire wedding can be an overwhelming task even for the most organized. Juggling between planning your dream wedding and your day to day commitments can be a lot to handle and extremely stressful. While planning a wedding, the couple and their families often aren't able to fully enjoy the occasion. Hiring a wedding planner takes that burden off your shoulders so that the most important days of your life are as stress free as possible.
A wedding planner will help you plan all your wedding functions, take care of your guests' requirements, manage the plethora of vendors and suppliers and ensure that all things are in order at the right times.
What does Agarwal Eventz do?
Agarwal Eventz is a team of wedding designers .Agarwal Eventz looks after each and every detail of wedding planning. We consult, plan, design and coordinate all areas of the wedding. We work with you right from Proposal planning to Honeymoon planning, Venue suggestion, Event-day management and anything in between. Agarwal Eventz aims to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone involved.
Why should I hire Agarwal Eventz?
Agarwal Eventz is a premier wedding planning service. Agarwal Eventz aims to maintain the true essence of traditional ceremonies, while at the same time adding modern and contemporary aesthetics. Agarwal Eventz treats every wedding as it deserves to be treated,with a personal touch and utmost care. We believe that it is your day and it should turn out exactly how you’ve dreamt it to be.


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